Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Long Time......

It's been a long time since I blogged. As usuall I am alway's afraid of what I might say, my mouth you know...LOL...Just recently participated in the Relay for Life walk for Cancer. Had a great team. Team name was Semper Fi..Coulters fighting the odds. I guess we are all fighting the odds, but just don't realize it. Everyone faces the chance of hearing the word's **You have Cancer**.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where does time go.......

Tomorrow, Monday Dec. 6, is the day my daddy past away year's ago. On this day it was very hard for us as a family, wife, 2 daughter's and 3 son's where by his side. It is an experience that you never forget, no matter how many year's past. It is also an experience that you know that you need to be there for. Still to me this day it seem's as if it was yesterday.

In January 28, 2010 my brother Mike passed away. He died from complication's from Cancer. I was also there at his home when he died. Word's can not describe what all happened, but most important I lost my brother and friend.

Tomorrow on Dec. 6, my oldest brother will have a heart cath to clean out his stent's, he recieved from a heart attack 10 year's ago. If the stent's can not be cleaned, he will have bypass surgery, same day. I ask the Lord to be with him and guide the doctor's that they can make the best decision.

These are just a few of my thought's at this time!!!!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

HE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been awhilse since I have posted, to much to catch up with. Elijah came home only 3 weeks after birth and open heart surgery!!!!!!....What a MIRACLE, he is doing great. At birth he weighed 6 pds. 15 ozs. came home at 7 pds. 1 ozs. That is great considering what he went through. We are so happy to have him home. When he came home he had a feeding tube, but now no longer has to use it. He now weigh's 7pds. 11ozs.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Follow Instinct's

Tonight for Family Home Evening, I already new what I wanted to do, but when it was time I felt I should do something else. So, I trusted that feeling, we made card's for mommy and daddy. I chose the topic What would Christ want us to do...., talked about what Jesus would what us to do while mommy and daddy were away, how could we help, and how much they were loved...they really gave some great answer's. Wanted to give them a chance to talk about how they felt and what they thought. When finished, Jack Jack came to me and said, ** I really liked making card's for mommy and daddy **. Glad I trusted that feeling. Of, course Pa had treat's and he had already gone to bed, and I did not know what he had it was a surprise. I explained this and they to my surprise where ok with waiting to get the treat tomorrow. I really love Rosie's picture, you can tell she is sure hard at work. I hope these are thing's that are good for family home evening, I am trying my very best. Next week, is Ellen's turn for the lesson. She sure is doing a great job with the song's, she know's them all very well. Jack Jack said the prayer and it really touched my heart.........

For Mommy

After you called Jack Jack was upset, because he could not show you his new spider man pajama's, Pa got him. I don't know how he thought he was going to show them over the phone. So, I told him if he put them on I would take his picture and post it on my blog, that worked very well....Then Ellen said take my picture I want to show mommy, too. They said to show them tomorrow I posted it...LOL...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Surprise On Time!!!!!!

As was going to start, with the thought of an extra sleep, was a nice thought!!! Well wrong kid's time's don't change, Nana forgot. With it being Sunday and not wanting to have to look all over for thing's, we got them all ready Saturday night. Would you believe it we were all dressed an hour early, by accident Pa changed my clock's and I did not know it. Probably want happen again...LOL...When it was time to go to class, Ellen assured me she was big enough to go by herself, what she didn't know I was following her. Jack Jack went into his class, but Rosie had a different idea, even though she is in the same class as Jack Jack. So once again Pa got the privilege of staying in the nursery, as he did with his own. Rosie was happy with this idea, and even played, as long as Pa stayed sitting on the floor, along with the other kid's in his lap!!!!!! Survived church, came home, had something to eat and settled in for the evening. Kid's went for a walk with daddy before he went to work, for a little while and picked up pine cone's. The kid's love the tape I have of Lorenzo's Songbook, about a puppet in the attic telling a story and singing primary song's, I have volume one. Checked the church library, and to my surprise they had volume two. We decided to watch it, I think Rosie love's it, Jack Jack and Ellen laugh all through it. I myself loved this volume two, at close to the end it had a song about self-control, I explained that you were able to stop how you acted when you were mad if you thought real hard about it. It even showed great picture's, like a little boy about to hit someone then it stopped for you to think and he reacted nice. After the tape, it had been awhile, so I talked about it again how you needed to be nice. All of a sudden, Jack Jack looked right at Ellen and said ** I think you need self-control **. I had to control my wanting to laugh, for he is usually the one wanting to put his hand's on someone. I asked him what it meant to see if he understood me and he did. Of, course I made sure to let him know how proud I was of him for the right answer!!!!!!!!!!........ended the day with reading book's and Jack Jack talking about self-control, even if a puppet taught it!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

I Guess you are Never too old!!!!!!

Today Jack Jr and the kid's came home from Dallas, visiting mommy and Elijah. So, I am now once again on a schedule...LOL...I know that Nana and Pa can never replace mommy and daddy, but we can do our best to keep them busy. After their bath's I was looking for Jack Jack some pajama's, when I opened the suitcase Rosie immediately saw a pretty blue dress, and had to have it. Ellen came in and saw it and she wanted it, so we tried it on Ellen and the sleeve's were too little, so Rosie got to put it on. It just so happened that today I had gone to Wal Mart's in Gilmer, they had their Halloween costume's on clearance for 75% off ( you know I could not resist ) I bought one to give to Ellen for her birthday next weekend, a princess one. So Ellen got an early birthday gift. Of, course she know's Pa is going to take her shopping. Here are a few picture's I took of the kid's playing dress-up. Also caught Jack Jack playing.....enjoy I did.